Ian Wilson's
Course on Consciousness

A Course on Consciousness


This covers techniques for everything I have discussed in Parts: One to Three. If you have not read these portions, I recommend you do as to gain some insights as to where this kind of experience can lead.


What You Will Need:


Recording your dreams will help assist you in dream recall, maintain an interest in developing dreaming techniques as well as aid in verification of precognitive experiences to yourself when the opportunity arises. I encourage recording or documenting as many experiences as you can remember from the dreamstate until you have fully satisfied your ability to dream consciously etc. This should be done daily.


Probably the easiest thing to do is have a lucid dream. It’s such a simple thing to achieve once you realize you can do it. Everyone dreams so all you are attempting to do is become conscious for it.

There are two very simple attributes to lucid dreaming:

That’s it, the filler is what you do when you dream. All these techniques are simple and easy. You have to simplify the techniques within your own self to maintain some consistency. Like your handwriting, it will be come customized to your individual needs and abilities as you understand yourself more fully.


What we will look at are mechanisms, which prevent consciousness in the dreamstate so you can start to disarm these. There are patterns, which we have had since childbirth that induce sleep. When you start to lucid dream, and/or go out-of-body you have to learn exactly what it is your mind is doing to you as a “consciousness” to induce an “unconscious” sleep in these sub-conscious states. Once you map out the natural pattern of sleep you have, you will start to have more control because you are now used to the methods your mind naturally uses to induce unconsciousness. With time and practice, you will learn to use them for your benefit with out removing or changing them.

If you are the kind of person who can sleep after waking up from a regular sleeping pattern, this will simplify this technique. This technique will work only for people who find it easy to go back to sleep after they wake up for a few moments. Otherwise, we have to address a few steps for troubled sleepers. And that is up and coming.


I used no technique other than focusing my attention. That is how easy I find it. Especially if I break up my sleeping pattern. The most important thing is I am following a very natural pattern of sleep. I just disarm certain factors that induce unconsciousness.

For Myself, I have broken it down to 6 categories that I have to work through.


This imagery can seem like harmless little fun patterns like video game characters, basket ball games, clouds, friends whatever. Other than being a good indicator that you are slipping into sleep. Don’t get to involved with the imagery because it’s more hypnotic than hypnogogic and can induce unconsciousness if it overwhelms you. The best trick is to let it “flow”, and at the same time, keep aware that you must pass through it in order to lucid dream.


This is a better indicator of how close you are to the dreamstate. These sounds can be as loud as real sounds; like if you were to have headphones on. They can be voices, songs, banging and clanging, cars driving, thunder clouds, rain…anything you have heard while in physical reality. This commonly induces the “Fear Barrier” and “Sanity Barrier” in most people. Since sounds startle us, these sounds do just that. The only negative or harmful thing that can happen is it can wake you up to stage one, which is the first stage of sleep thus potentially ruining that night’s chance at a lucid dream. You have to be mentally prepared to deal with them and let them continue without letting your psychological filters filter them out.


This indicator usually happens when the body is asleep and you are still in it. It can feel like you are paralyzed and high-voltage painless electricity is jolting through your body at amazing intensities. I view sleeper’s paralysis as this stage, and people who I talk to who have a lot of sleep paralysis find it really easy to go out-of-body as a result. With no technique other than they “will” themselves out when the sleep paralysis hits. If this is the case, you are pretty much in the deeper states of sleep and ready to go out-of-body. These also can be internal, you suddenly see a ball fly from the hypnogogic imagery and your reflexes cause you to catch it. And you do and it feels like a real ball. If that is the case, you’re probably more in the dreamstate and seconds away from the full dream. One that scares a few people is an “illusionary” sense of not breathing. That can cause some fear and panic, but actually it’s just that your so deeply asleep physically your out-of-phase and don’t notice that you are. A relaxed calm approach with knowledge of this helps guide you through old subconscious patterns that have gone partially unnoticed until you have consciously observed them.


If you are getting into this stage your loosing the battle. Wake yourself up and start again. The hypnogogic imagery has done its trick; you start to loose logical faculties when this happens. The best example is this, your lying in bed thinking about a friend and the hypnogogic imagery starts and you see your friend’s face. You also worked a stressful day so you start to remember stocking the shelves at work. Soon you are thinking that you are putting cans of food on the shelves with pictures of your friend on them. And this all seems perfectly normal. Logically it’s not. But your logical-self. The part you need in order to be conscious has begun a naturally submissive state of dormancy towards unconscious sleep.


What can you say about this, you’re scared shitless when something happens you don’t understand. And you stop everything. It is the one thing that prevents most people from approaching this field of experience. Fear can work it’s way into all those tactile, hypnogogic fields and if you are generally a fearful person then time to get that courage faculty working and weed out your fears. I will be teaching fear release techniques later on as well.


This is attributed to the fear barrier only that it’s autonomic. It maintains itself like a reflex. I view it as a part of our consciousness, which governs information about our physical reality. It keeps out anything that is not related to physical reality so we maintain a clear concise grasp of it while physically awake. However, since it is built in somewhat to our consciousness, it tends to trigger when we are falling asleep. In a place where it has no need or function. It’s like a part of you saying, “I cannot accept this is happening to me, shut it off.” And it shuts off instantly. Well, letting it work in the dreamstate will only prevent you from dreaming. You have to tell yourself that it is ok, that all these experience and sensations are normal for the dream reality. And it usually accepts that and you move on.

These six categories are all inter-related. The important thing to take note of is this. When you focus your physical sense on the physical world, there are lots of factors, which keep you in sync with that information. What you are doing now is taking these senses and turning them inwards. It is a very natural inversion but usually an unconscious one. The only difference is now you are conscious for the shift so you remember the shift.

Hypnogogic Imagery is your sense of sight. The Hypnogogic Sounds is your sense of hearing. And the tactile sensation is your sense of touch, which encompasses the whole body. Nothing really fancy just an inversion of the senses which aid in the manufacturing of your physical reality.

My techniques all revolve around the already natural process of sleep that we have. The only difference is the addition of your consciousness. How simpler can this be?

Some miscellaneous factors that might cause inability to function in these states. You’re trying too hard. An over focused mind will just keep you awake, ease of the steering wheel and go into cruise control.


You have wanted to experience this so bad for so long overtime you try you get fed up and angry, that isn’t gonna work either. Lack of sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, drugs and/or alcohol will all work against your benefit here.

Things that will help. A controlled stress free sleeping environment. Ear-plugs if there are too many distracting noises. Blankets over the windows if the light is too distracting. Unplug the phone and/or turn down the volume of the answering machine. A do not disturb sign on the door. Tell people around you not to wake you up. Remove any factors that get in the way. Simplify it all because it helps.



By far the easiest of techniques as it tricks the body into a much faster sleep than usual. The mind is more awake and active making the “mind-awake, body- asleep” state easier to attain. This technique requires a break in sleep. After about 4-6 hours of restful sleep, have an alarm wake you up unless you can wake yourself up. Get out of bed and stand up. Just staying in bed will cause you to fall right back to sleep so get out. Go to the washroom if need be. Do not drink more than ˝ a cup of fluids if you are thirsty. Take some deep breaths to wake up mentally, and just wait up to 30 minutes or less until you feel physically tired enough to go to bed. It can be as short as 5 minutes. Once back in bed, start applying the following techniques.


Stand at the edge of your bed moments before you begin. With a very clear mind, take a mental image of your waking consciousness. Get a good strong feel for how you feel when you are conscious. Look at your hands; tell yourself what time it is, what date it is. Answer a few math questions. Quickly remember some parts of your life. Get the logical mind fired up. Tell yourself that you cannot be conscious if this logical part of you cannot function or falls dormant. That the logical mind is part of your consciousness and is in charge of memory, recall and analytical abilities you need to survive in daily physical life. Retain a strong mental image of you. Mentally impress with this INTENT that you will be exactly as you are now but in a dreaming environment. That you will be fully conscious, and clear with all your mental faculties which you have right now. That you will be able to recall memory, know where you are, know that you are. And have full access to all your mental conscious abilities as you do right now.
This impressed state is so important. We repeat it once we lie in bed because being conscious is the key. It requires preparation to be so.


This stage occurs as soon as you close your eyes. You immediately start to change your thought patterns and start to go out-of-phase. This initial stage is where you start to program your intent: your will and desire.

The Intent is programmable. It changes anytime you want to do something. Expect to change it as we progress but for now this is an example.


Be very intent on having a lucid dream. Remind yourself that now you are sleeping for the soul purpose of having a fully conscious dream. That you will be as conscious as you are now, but your body will be fully physically asleep. Remind yourself that you are just letting your body sleep.

Be fully aware of any changes as they occur in the first few journeys into this state and when you wake up, write down the most important details. What occurred in the first five minutes of sleep? What did you experience? Did you remain conscious? What caused unconsciousness?

The first few trips into this state should be for you to learn and understand how your natural sleeping patterns work. They are a good opportunity for you to learn and study first hand the changes in consciousness that your mind and body progress towards a natural sleep.

As you start to relax, just start to fall asleep normally, let the body go and focus your attention a little so you are not over-powering your mind keeping yourself awake. Tell yourself exactly what you are doing. You are letting your body fall asleep, and you are remaining fully awake while entering a dream. And now prepare yourself mentally for all the hypnogogic experiences that may start to bubble forward.

As soon as you start to get any visual phenomena, this is a good sign. Make a note that it’s ok, and let it come forward. Don’t ever push it back. That pushes you right back into stage one. Relax, let it flow like water through you. As the imagery starts to strengthen, you may start to experience sounds. The sounds can help guide you into a dream if they are faint. Just softly, slowly move towards them, or let them flow. If they get really loud then great, if you can handle the stereo sound quality that it creates, know that in seconds you will be entering a lucid dream.


Entering hypnogogic terrain. This is where you can do two things, control the imagery or let if just go it’s natural course. For the first while, I want you to get used to having this kind of experience so just let it flow. This is where you really have to let go of being physical, let the body fall away. Just make soft little remarks like, “I am falling asleep. I am remaining fully conscious, I will be fully conscious in the dream, I will remember with full conscious clarity, I will be as conscious as I am now” A few little mental affirmations help to keep you company along the way. If you ever start to get scared from the imagery/sounds/sensations just relax, know that nothing can hurt you and reflect to the realization that you have fallen asleep hundreds of times this time your just staying conscious for the ride.

To help induce a dream, this is specifically for a dream and not an OOBE. Doing this will not give you an in-range OOBE where you are right outside your body since it moves you directly to the dreamstate. You can control the hypnogogic imagery here.

Anyway you like to do it; here are some examples that work for me.

When the imagery starts, instead of getting lost in it, I start to create in it. I would start by mentally throwing rocks at a door. I keep throwing rocks as a focus imagining fully that I am standing at a door and tossing rocks at it. Over time, I would hear the rocks audibly hit the door. As soon as the sounds start, I know I am seconds away from dreaming and I start to open the door, and I feel for the handle. If it all feels real, then I open it and walk through. Right into a dreamworld.

I am sitting imagining I am in a car. I turn on the radio and start to listen to music. I play a song I enjoy. At first it is all faint in my head, and just memory being recalled. Soon, the music gets a little louder, and I encourage it by turning up the volume knob on the car. Once the music gets fully audible, I turn the key, start the car and drive right into a dream.

There is a ladder, and I am climbing it as I fall asleep. At first, it’s just me imagining a ladder; soon I start to imagine the feeling of each step on the ladder. I feel my hands grab the ladder and I start to walk. Before too long, I am walking on a ladder and I feel each step of it fully, clearly. I keep walking upwards and soon I am standing on a perfect ladder in a dream.

These fun little controlled states are important and I encourage them as you progress into these states comfortably. They will clearly guide you into a dream anytime you desire it. The reason why it is important is because you have taken random patterns of thought and turned them into very clear, controlled environments of your design. It also teaches you good dream control techniques for later on when you are in a dream.


The dream. Ok, so you made it this far. You are no longer in a physical body, and there is nothing but a fully tactile dream in front of you. What are you going to do now? Absolutely nothing for the first few tries. Right now, you are going to map out your consciousness and get a feel for how conscious you are. See if you can remember what your intent was and see if you can fulfill that intent. The initial intent should be to gauge how conscious you are, remember the math questions? What were they? What did you remember about your life? What time is it? What is the Date?
Look around the dreamstate and make mental notes. Do not get involved with anything in the dream. If some guy named Joe comes walking over and start to bug you. Throw up a big shield, your busy getting consciously balanced in a dream.

I am stressing the importance of the logical faculties in the dreamstate. This is so important because it will help you map out every aspect of yourself clearly. While you are in a full dream, make sure it is a dreamworld and not STAGE TWO hypnogogic imagery. This should be a full tactile environment whereby you can walk, run, fly freely and touch, taste, smell, see and hear clearly. There should be no question that you are in a dream reality.

The first few runs should be for purely the logical part of you. It should be so clear to that part that it knows it has to function as it does in physical so that you can be here.
You will thank me for insisting that you have logical abilities because not only do they create your consciousness, they also create the most splendid dreams you’d ever imagine. Remember all those important details in life such as the taste of chocolate, the feel of silk, the curves of a circle, the shape of a letter? How about all that clear space before you, the roads, the tree’s the sky? This logical part of you maps all that out and separates it into the categories where they belong. And in a dream, it can pick at details and help you refine the quality of the dream because it knows logically how things should act/think or feel. And how about answering questions? Well, ask yourself in the dream how conscious you are? Try and remember your name? Run a series of questions and answer them all comfortably. These will all indicate how clear you are, how conscious you are. Once satisfied, cut loose and control that dream.

Change the sky to what ever you desire, fly for a while, play freely in the dream, and gauge how conscious you are. Should at any point you start to feel out-of-balance grab a hold of something in the dream and remind yourself you are dreaming, you create the dream, you are conscious. If you are loosing consciousness, hang in there as long as you can. Your body may be waking up and soon you will be awake. It should take a little while to get used to this dream reality.

*When you are in a dream, interact with people as if they were people. If you are approached by some person who seems *intelligent, asks you questions, talk to them and get to know them. Don’t treat dreams as purely subjective material because *there is more going on when you are lucid. But for now, get used to interacting with people making notes particularly of their *behavior towards you and how they react to questions. This will all help with shared dreaming.

Once you can comfortably lucid dream, you have all the keys to all the doors of which I speak. Your limits are you and your beliefs. Skills you can use to build that up are abound in your waking physical world. Try fun experiments as you fall asleep such as eating an apple or some fruit you enjoy. As you fall asleep, try to see how real you can get this in your mind. If you can mimic the actual physical event with clarity, that shows what kind of control you are creating for yourself. I fall asleep constantly to internal music. I start to play a song I enjoy until my thoughts become the vocals, the guitar rifts, the drums, the keyboard all effortlessly flowing from me into an abyss. Since I have this freedom, it is so easy for me to lucid dream; it’s second nature now.


If you haven’t progressed in the lucid dream realities at all, don’t even begin to try to consciously share dreams because you need to be lucid first. Sharing dreams is totally easy and fun with other people who are also lucid at the same time. You may never have known we share dreams but this helps you by talking about its reality. However, it’s a naturally occurring phenomena and easy to attain once lucid in a dream.

In stage one we focus on INTENT. The intent sets us up for recall once we are in a dream. You have to program this intent to share dreams with who you desire too, and then when you are in the dream, you have to recall that intent and attempt to fulfill it.


Be intent on having a fully lucid dream using the same intent to achieve the lucid dream. Include, “I am allowing myself to participate in a shared dream with friend/familly. I am allowing myself to naturally tune into where they are in the Dreamstate and I will be there with them fully conscious and clear as I am now.”

This is where some tricks are handy.


Instead of trying to find the person, just go to the person as you fall asleep in stage two. Imagine them and let the hypnogogic imagery fill out the rest of the details.

If you enter the dream and they are not there; you can try a few techniques.


Once fully in the dream, run through your consciousness stages to ensure you are fully conscious. Recall your intent and then either just phase to that person. Or if you find phasing hard, imagine a door, talk out loud in that dream your desire to be with this person and open the door to them. Hopefully you were successful and the door opens to where they are. Your subconscious self located them and directed you to them. You can even just yell and scream for them until they come. But I like a little professionalism so going towards them by intuitively guiding yourself there is the most optimal choice and takes practice. I am still practicing this since it is a delicate skill.

Once you find them, then comes the even harder part. Are they conscious? Ask them a few questions? Do they answer clearly? Do they act in bizarre ways to the question? If you are with another dreamer it is important to note a few behavior patterns of an unconscious dreamer. They do not have logical faculties intact so questions cannot be easily answered for them, a lot of the time this causes fear, confusion, repetitive answers, rambling, anger. Just be patient. Your friend if this is them probably is there with you, the chances of them remembering is next to null. But that potential is at a high if they are acting in what I call sleeper’s grog.

If they respond positively, then there is even better chance that they have some logical attributes functioning and can remember. So this is great, take time to ask a few questions like their name (even if you know them) ask where they are? (This can really screw them up if they don’t know they are dreaming, or they just might give some reasonable answer), ask them if they know they are dreaming? (Again this question drops a bomb so it can trigger sleeper’s grog, if they answer yes continue)
If they say they are dreaming, ask them if they are fully conscious. Again if they say yes and if they ask you questions there is a very high probability that you are sharing a dream and both of you are lucid and will remember.

Take careful mental notes of the dream environment; point out details to your friend. If you are good at creating in the dream, create an object for them to hold. Tell them to remember it. Give them key phrases to remember such as key words, numbers, ect. If you are both taking this course then you should both know that it is important to keep a close log of these experiences for verification. If you are in a group of two or more dreamers, even better. It opens such doors for research and progression in these states.

When you wake up, write it all down, make note of every detail you can remember. Especially the key words, objects, phrases, setting and events of the dream. When you meet your friend preferable soon and that day, (The sooner the better…i.e. phone them minutes after waking like I do) Ask them if they dreamt. Ask them what they remember first. If it has nothing to do with your dream don’t worry. Ask them if they remember having a dream with you in it? That sometimes sparks a memory. If they say yes but can’t remember. Ask them if they remember an object you gave them? If so, what was it? Tell them what it was if they fail to provide an answer, it still might trigger memory. The important thing is to let them tell you what you dreamt. Then you can tell them what they dreamt. It is to help verify for you the reality of shared dreams. Be tactful and clinical when asking questions as not to give them the answers to key points of that dream rather, guide them to it if they are mainly unconscious of the dreams. If they are drawing blanks, then at least tell them the dream, even if they have no conscious memory of it, and you still shared it, it’s better to tell them, later on they may remember which will only help them in the future for more shared dreams. The best ones are when you both are lucid, and both have clear memory and verify it with the written testimonies.


Why do we not usually share dreams? It is too simple really. It all comes down to the 20th century logical mind. We think we cannot share dreams, we think dreams are subjective, we believe dreams are purely of our own will and design. When I have shared dreams, I noticed that sometimes we would have 100% accuracy, but in areas where the person I was sharing the dream with lost control, they entered sleeper’s grog and they end up having a different dream from the one I was observing.

Personification is like a huge mental filter; it acts like a hallucination in the dreamstate. The person is so absolved in their emotional, mental states they literally project their fantasy over top of you. Everything you say, do, think towards them gets distorted through this defensive filter they put up. It is usually triggered by fear. It is quite common. To disarm it, you have to literally calm the person down, get their attention and talk them through the distortions. Always lock on to the target dreamer by holding their arms when like this. It helps to keep them with you, and they tend to respond to that a little better. And I mean, hold their arms in a nice, friendly manner. Any acts of hostility will only cause more of this filter to come forward. What I do is hold their hand because it helps keep me in the dreamstate as an anchor, and it anchors them to me. Then I just ask simple questions, tell them they are dreaming, and tell them I am a friend. Treat them as I would here in physical. With as much kindness, respect and friendship that I could. If they are your friend then you kind of know their interests, create some of them there for them. Personification goes hand in hand with sleeper’s grog. And again sleeper’s grog is a slang term my friend and I came up with because we share so many dreams we know the state all too well. Sleeper’s grog is just the logical part of us in a dormant state during a sleeping cycle.

Once you have shared enough dreams to verify it to yourself and friends, it is time to move on if you haven’t already. And I don’t expect you in the first month to start having lucid dreams, but as soon as you do you can have shared dreams and the other effects so I am not too worried. Some of you will have lucid dreams almost immediately depending on how motivated, inspired and excited you are about it. If you are uninterested, unmotivated, skeptical then you’re probably wasting your time until you come around to the possibilities that you have around you. Doesn’t mean you won’t have these experiences, you just may not want to.

If you have established the reality that you can lucid dream. And you have established the reality that you can share dreams with enough personal experience, personal evidence then you are ready to start progressing into more areas.


This area is very new to me; I urge some caution when entering this state. It will change you forever and it is more likely that you will be out-of-body to get here but quickly you will realize if you have shared dreams that by now you are already out-there somewhere. This is a spectrum where your dreams come true in the literal sense. So going here consciously, and mapping this out consciously is only one step into the greater aspects of who you are. A journey here, even once is enough to change your life forever. I am cautioning you on it, it may just scare the hell out of you as it did me. But I love it and it’s so damn fun now that I can’t stop being “there”

Again, we have to look at the INTENT in STAGE ONE. Your INTENT should be this: - I am allowing myself to fully consciously have a LUCID PRECOGNITIVE DREAM. I am allowing myself to enter that field of consciousness where PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS come from. I will be fully conscious and know clearly that this is my intent and desire.

Use STAGE TWO to get you through all the hypnogogic imagery and into STAGE THREE.

In STAGE THREE after testing out your level of consciousness, I want you to focus only on that intent. Make it clear. And shut your eyes, shut down all signals from the dreamstate and let go, move into that field by intuitively driving yourself with the desire to be there. Just let go and move towards that source. Let everything pass you by, let time go, let space go, let it all go. It is a big melt down for a second. When you arrive, just allow yourself to experience it for a while with no alterations. Then as you progress, make very subtle changes and progress slowly. The only truth of you being “there” is when it occurs “here” physically some time later. So have your notes ready and go back to them and mark down when you were “there” in that precognitive field. Map it out and master it. A few journeys’ there successfully should be enough to start you on that growth towards sharing in the Creative Process I have talked about.

You can share LUCID PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS so keep an eye out for that possibility as well. I am still researching this field so all I can do is tell you it is there and that you have to focus on it while Lucid. The rest is you taking yourself there. But understand we all go there unconsciously like we do our other dreams. This time your conscious, that is all. Good luck.


Well, if you haven’t already realized that Lucid Dreams are “second body” out-of-bodies then I have tipped you off that you are out-of-body when lucid. The only thing here is you are in the dreaming spheres and not near the physical reality where your body is. You can shift downwards to your body, but I don’t recommend it, you are on a little bit of a higher level at this moment and I always say move upwards not backwards.

All you have to do is realize that not only are you dreaming in STAGE THREE, you’re out-of-body as well when you are lucid. That should just help you tune into that reality enough.


To achieve the out-of-body, you should at least have mastered lucid dreaming somewhat. The OOBE triggers clearly when your body starts to have vibrations, or some tactile signal. You will not shift into a dream, however you will feel like you are in bed and when you move, it feels real except that you are not physical.

Follow the same technique for lucid dreams, but don’t use the hypnogogic imagery to guide you into a controlled dream, rather, just let it all wash through you and relax.


The intent is instead of a LUCID DREAM, replace it with OUT-OF-BODY. It should go something like this:


I am allowing myself to have a fully conscious Out-Of-Body Experience, I will be fully conscious as I am now. I will remember clearly and in full conscious detail my experience while in the experience and when I awake physically.


Let the hypnogogic imagery pass through you. Let the body fall naturally asleep, maintain focus and remind yourself you are going out-of-body. Let go and let the body fall to sleep.

Once the body drops into sleep and you feel the vibrations you are pretty much there. Any physical tactile sensation indicates the body is sleeping. Just relax and gently Move to the left or right. Roll softly and slowly.


When you are out, stand up and investigate by looking at your body. Study your surroundings. Run the test for consciousness. And run your intent.


This is done both while you are “there” in the precognitive field and here in the physical manifestation of that field. This is where all layers become one. If you are interested in mind-over-matter then you have to accept you can by sheer use of applied thought change/form/control it. No skepticism need apply. You have to just “Do” it. There is not try. There is no fail. You will either do it or you wont.
My web page on http://www.personal.img.net/iwilson has an evidence page where I am showing a small potential of mind-over-matter. I am not doing it because I believe I can, I am doing it from controlling the precognitive band before I come here to experience the end result. Check the evidence page for it’s progressive photos and testimonies of this. I am doing this so you can draw the connection. Make that connection because I cannot be you and do it for you. You have to take that step.


The body has a natural field of electromagnetic energy we call the bio-magnetic field. New Ager’s call it the Aura. It is a naturally occurring coil of electromagnetic fields that surround the body. Our body is electrical, and all the molecular vibrations, chemical reactions, and changes the body has radiates outwards in this biomagnetic field. We can sense this field of energy. It is visual once you train your eyes to see it. The easiest way to see it and feel it is this:
Get a black background. Dim the lights so that there is minimal illumination. Take both your hands and hold two fingers out, the rest closed in a fist. Have the fingers exactly one and ˝ inches apart. Do not look at the fingers, but focus at the middle of the fingers. Have your hands about one and ˝ feet away from your face and at the black background. Move the fingers slowly up and down, away from each other, closer to each other. The field is magnetic so the rays and lines move accordingly to that motion. If you stick out two fingers on one hand, and one finger on the other 1 & ˝ inch apart then it forms a triangle of rays. Get used to seeing this. Do it with a group of people so that you all can see it.
With one hand, look at all four finger tips and move them 6” from your face up and down looking three inches from the tip (left or right) not backwards or forwards so that you are on the same horizon plane as the rays. Move the hand by tilting the wrist up and down and watch the rays. Now take your hands and move them slowly together and apart. Feel the changes in the magnetic fields as they move. The sensations I am explaining feel magnetic it’s the only label that I can ascribe to them. Take one hand, form a “claw” shape and drag the claws up one arm slowly about 1-2” away. Be aware of the sensations. Now take one hand, make a fist and send a flowing energy into that hand. Form a ball of this energy. Amplify it. Focus on that precognitive field and draw it from “there”. Draw if from that source. And make it heavy, thick, full of density. Place in a friend’s hand. Let them tell you what they feel.
Take your hand; place it on a slant facing downward at a 45-degree angle in the shape of a knife hand. Have your friend place his/her palm upward underneath your hand. Focus on that precognitive field. Draw that energy from that source. Let it flow, make it cold like ice, make it feel like the coldest of waters. Make it numbing, make it icy, make it freezing. Send that into your friend’s hand. Amplify it by drawing it in from that precognitive field. Do this for no longer than two minutes and let your friend describe the effects.
Try hot, warm, electrical, change it all around from that precognitive field. Try and form shapes in their hands by visualizing the desired shape and let those rays you are emitting etch them in.
That is all I am doing. Hopefully you will have some success as you progress in this area.


This is all done while you are awake, and relaxed. Go outside, and enjoy the day. Get in a really happy, free, spirited mood. Let go of all stress, anxiety and doubts. Walk for a bit, make sure you are clear on what you want. This is very simple, but complex in the same. It is easy for a clear mind that opens that channel from here to that precognitive source. It can be achieved by a simple focused awareness. The only thing is it takes time for it to manifest so the amount of time it takes is how much timelessness you applied to the thought.
Start on simple things; begin to master the coincidences in your life. Don’t rush any of this. It’s not a McDonalds self-serve, you’ll find that rushing it can be too overpowering. Pace yourself out.
Take a desired experience, and state it as such. I want to experience this: - “Simple desire”.
Same energy we are charging with people this time, make it vibrant, pure, clear, and outside of time and space. Surround that thought with that energy and have the intent of the thought to manifest here in this physical layer, in this “now”. And let it go.
Letting go is so important that is why we use very simple things at first. Things you don’t usually think much about because they slip past the filters that block this from occurring. Our psychological self-defeating filters I like to call them.

The formula is simple

[Thought + Emotion(energy)] / Letting Go = Desired Experience.

Start with very simple things that would seem coincidental at first.

Find a lost item.
Meet an old friend.
Have a funny experience.
Find $10.00.
Receive some funny gift.

As you get used to it.
Your Desired Career.
Your Desired Education.
Your Desired Lifestyle.

Keep getting used to thoughts creating reality as a form of communication. Do it while in physical and while in the non-physical. It is all a progressive journey and it takes time. All we have is time. So enjoy it. You will be forever; I just want you to come to that realization on your own accord. Good Luck, I will be refining and adding too these techniques as this is a progressive course which means as we have even more clearer, focused ways of achieving desired experiences, we work together to achieve them.

A Course on Consciousness Part Five Is up and Coming.
It entails:- Higher Consciousness, Love, Drugs, Dealing with Fear, Depression, Anger, Addiction, Clearing and an assortment of misclanious items. These can all be done through dreaming and OOBE’s.

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