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Course on Consciousness

A Course on Consciousness

In the first two sessions, we covered how physical matter reality was comprised as more of an energy system since all the aspects of the material world come from energy in different states of vibration frequency and density. When patterns are formed in energy, I remarked on how we immediately start to see the potential for intelligence. Part two we break down physical matter even more into a possibility that it really is just an advanced form of language from a collective universe of which we are all participants in. That dreams have a precognitive nature, and we have an ability to work within this precognitive field to make changes that ultimately effect the out come of that dream once it manifests into our waking physical lives.
We have one more stage of human consciousness we must address that falls into the category where much of our lucid dreams come.


If you have ever read these books, “Journey’s Out-of-the-Body”, “Far Journey’s”, and “Ultimate Journeys” by Robert A. Monroe. Then you have read what I feel are three books which show the evolutionary cycle of the out-of-body state. Robert A. Monroe started his exploration into this field of research when he was struck with a series of spontaneities out-of-body experiences that started his whole quest for knowledge on this topic. Robert A. Monroe founded the Monroe Institute in Faber Virginia and the Monroe Institute to this day is researching this phenomenon and they are also teaching courses on the subject. Their web sight is www.monroe-inst.com I highly recommend checking them out if you have not already. Their research is quite extensive and offers a good start for anyone who wants to get verification that this phenomena exists and is being taken seriously enough to scientifically understand.
When you read some of these experiences, I want you to just absorb them and give them some thought. If these have nothing at all to do with anything, then take note that the effects of these experiences are such that the world once entered, even if it is a purely mental state were completely tactile and offered things that physical reality could never offer. Keep in mind the age I was at as well.
When I had my first out-of-body experience, I was 16 years old and I did not know that we really could leave our bodies. One night changed all that for me. Waking up, I felt strange and something was not quite right. I wasn’t sure what it was so I sat on the edge of my bed and tried to shake of the cobwebs in my head. With the kind of tiredness you get when you first wake up, I stood up and walked over to the lightswitch.
Everything was normal, the room was dark and I could see just enough of my room from the moonlight shining in my room. When I went to hit the switch, the light did not go on. Confused that I might not of actually touched the switch, I made another pass at the switch this time a little more careful thinking I was tired and not paying enough attention. Again, the light did not go on, nor did the lightswitch move. But I felt it, and I touched it. Again, I hit the switch and it didn’t move, several more attempts were made and I watched each time my fingers pass through the switch.
Looking at my hand, I noticed that it was clear and translucent with a light blue outline around the parameter of my hand and arm. A fear took over and I froze. “What the hell is this?” I thought. Glancing over at my bed I saw my physical body lying there. Fear exploded in my mind, “Was I dead?” Just before I screamed, I shot back into my body as if someone had me at the end of a sling shot and had just let go. My physical eyes woke up and I gasped for air. Shaking, I got up and turned on the light. Everything was normal and fine. It was 4:30 in the morning; I couldn’t go back to sleep.
This experience was too real to ignore. All day I thought about it at school and finally told my close friend about it. He re-affirmed to me that it was an out-of-body experience. He also told me about Robert A. Monroe’s book, “Far Journeys”. Which he read from our local library. That day, I went there to take it out but it was not in. It wasn’t for a few more weeks that I went without the book. When I finally read it, the book inspired me unlike anything I had ever read. It stopped nearly all the fear and concerns I had, gave me courage to continue to explore the state and I was not afraid to tell people about my experiences from that point on.
The next day, lying in bed like usual…loud music starts to play in my room. I wake up angry thinking that my brother had come in and turned on my small stereo system. Looking up at the stereo, I see the equalizer lights moving up and down as the music played. A closer look at the stereo showed me that it was unplugged. Instantly the obvious fact that an unplugged stereo can’t play music caused a tremendous wave of fear to consume me. I froze and became more aware that my physical body was actually just underneath me and I was lying on top of it.
I looked forward and something whispered, “Move through this tunnel.” And a tunnel appeared in front of me. Overcoming the fear, I dove in. I felt myself dissolve into just awareness. Then as the end of the tunnel was reached, I felt like a sphere condensing into one spot. Rays of me shone from every direction into the condensing point where a human like body was formed. I was in a parking lot in town helping a lady with her groceries. In the back of my mind I knew something was different but the dream continued as I helped her. When finished, I was then catapulted back into my body and I awoke.
The connection at the time with the dream and the lady was confusing to me. Why did I help her with her groceries? Three years later I would be working at the same mall, in the same lot doing the same job since I started to work at a grocery store. It’s been quite a few years since then, at least seven and I have had so many dreams come true I don’t think I actually ever met the lady from the dream.
The following night something wakes me. I am lying in bed and I feel a head resting on my chest. The head then starts to move into my chest and it startles me to full attention. Looking up I see a small three foot elf like humanoid that is startled as much as I am when I awake. It takes off and runs through my wall. I am in hot pursuit after it.
Not even questioning if I could run through the wall, I just did. Lucid dreams, and the other two OOBE’s had given me enough sense of the experience that I was aware that I was somehow not in my physical body. Matter felt like millions and millions of small particles melding with my form. The effect was distorting and I ended up in some location that was familiar to me. More in a lucid dream like environment, but the connection to being OOBE and in a Lucid dream seemed to parallel each other, I started to investigate for the first time what exactly was going on.
The location was an old house we lived in from when I was within the ages of 7 to 12. I recognized the entrance way to the house and the stairs going up to the top level. The elf like child was not there but two other really strange looking things were. They stood about two feet tall and looked more like Muppets from the Muppet show with big eyes and gapping mouths. Laughing, I grabbed one and asked it what it was. The thing just froze as if in fear. It definitely wasn’t a human consciousness. Sensing its fear I let it go and it ran away instantly.
I was confused, what kind of state was I in. It felt like a really bad Alice in wonderland story. Fully alert and conscious I could not tell if I was dreaming, or if I was out-of-body or what exactly I was. But the fact remained obvious to me, I was myself in another state where I recognized and could interact with an environment that was slightly different from the physical one I was accustomed to. I conceded the possibility of another reality that I was exploring was present.
Still confused and looking for any clue, I walked up the stairs remembering all the times in the past I run up and down these stairs. I stopped at the top of the stairs and the door below opened. My brother entered with a few of his friends; they were all drinking and acting in a drunken manner. They seemed oblivious to me as they walked up the stairs; it wasn’t until they reached the top that one of them noticed me. They were moving kind of slower than usual. Their words sounded like a slowed down tape was playing. Being who I am and completely curious, I laid a full frontal forward snap kick into the chest of the person coming up the stairs. This knocked him back tumbling all the way to the bottom. I grabbed the hand held ghetto blaster another was carrying, and I smashed it into pieces on the floor. I was just testing the state I was in. And energy surged into me, as I started to take control of the environment.
Like a nuclear bomb going off, I stood at the edge of the stairs and shattered everything in my visual sight. The entire world around me collapsed and I felt totally clear and free. Billowing waves of energy as far as the eye could see formed red and pink clouds and patterns. I treated the whole relationship with this state as one of persecution and deception. I screamed out as energy shot through my hands and I felt like some dreaming god. “I AM!” I yelled. Nothing I can explain felt like this. It’s definitely attribute to the age I was. Being 16 years old at the time, and all the pressures of family, high school and everything else in my life, it was no wonder I took such delight in this new power I was tripping on.
Then, after yelling my declaration of my self, the funniest thing happened a voice boomed out of the ethers, “Yeah, I am too. So shut the hell up!” At the time, it was so funny it made me laugh. I flew into the abyss of energy to find this cocky bastard and started to rocket through a seemingly endless stream of formless clouds of unknowns. Personally, I didn’t know if I was dreaming, OOBE or hallucinating. And I didn’t care, it was too much fun to stop. The focus on the other voice was lost in the laughter and joy I was feeling in this freedom. Before I knew it, I was back in my physical body again.
There was such an excitement level now with the whole experience. Lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences and worlds on top of worlds to play in. These experiences did not stop, I had not developed conscious control of them yet, but they were so spontaneous and frequent that it didn’t matter. The next few weeks were exploding with fantastic journeys within a part of my consciousness I wondered why I ever ignored. It seemed so irrational that people were missing out on this freedom of expression.
After reading Robert A. Monroe’s book, “Far Journeys”. I had a new direction to explore. The possibilities of other intelligence’s that were much more advanced than human intelligence. It gave me a new respect when I was out-of-body and my direction then was to understand everything I could about this state. The following OOBE’s were then not as free and fun since I took on a more investigative study of the experience within myself. Releasing from my physical body, instead of going on some wild adventure into some unknown, I stood at the edge of my bed and looked at my physical form. Time passed as I just stood staring at my physical body. I wanted a really good look at what I saw. I wanted to be very clear that what I saw was the vehicle I operated and also, I wanted to know completely that I was not this body rather I was what stood outside the body at this very moment.
Calmly, I touched my physical body on the face. I felt the warmth of it’s breathing on my non-physical hand. I touched the warm skin and felt how soft it felt even when I was this other thing I that had become. I moved downward over to my chest and placed my hand into the chest area. A warm electrical pulsating hum was felt. Taking as much time necessary, I just examined the physical body that I associated as myself. But it was not I. It was something that was only a part of me. Who I was, was beyond just a physical form.
The body that I was in now was a mirror match for my physical one. This body when I felt clear like I did was very tactile. It could touch and see with clarity. I found hearing to be faint but existed if I focused on hearing. Taste and smell were even less present but they existed if I really focused on smell and taste. That same night, I just walked around my room. I placed my hand into the wall to feel what it felt like to pass through the wall. I would stick my face partly into the wall and the feelings were the same.
It was completely quite; there were no other beings, nothing else but myself and the room I was exploring on a whole new level of experience. Touching my non-physical arm, I examined this body closely. It felt cold to the touch, and was translucent, but if I focused it would look flesh covered and normal. I walked just slightly out of my room into the hall where there was a mirror. I saw myself in this body; the mirror reflected something back to me.
I was surprised to see a reflection. It caught me off guard. I waved my hand and in perfect synchronicity the mirror reflected this back to me. I could still see myself and I looked like an exact copy of my physical body. Making a few faces at my self in the mirror, I decided to change my form. Focusing on the body, I stretched out my mouth and bugged out my eyes. Concentrating on my teeth I made them grow big and large. By the time I was done, I looked like a total freak. It was funny. I laughed so hard.
Wanting to be a total goof, I walked outside and acted like some ogre that had no clue of what was observing him at that time. This was not as bad as the time I walked around school while OOBE going, “Look at me I’m a ghost!” and trying to get the attention of friends who where studying so hard while I was skipping my physical school to attend my non-physical one.
In the early stages of these experiences, I was able to verify at least to myself that it related to physical matter reality only if I was in this very limited second form. The second body acted in synch still with physics so gravity still pulled on it, and mirrors reflected the image at some level of frequency.
My theory on this was that I moved from the first band of light that we have on a visible spectrum to a much lighter frequency of light on a more non-visible spectrum to our current human consciousness that was apparent to ourselves as non-physical patterns in this spectrum of light.
The verification came from observing people with certain clothes, the placement of vehicles on the street outside. Rooms in places I had not yet gone. Just a lot of exploration of this state to prove at that early stage that I was indeed out-of-body and not hallucinating that I was. But the OOBE opens a doorway to several other layers of experience, which I soon began to wander into.
Late one night, I am relaxing and focusing into my awareness into the blackness that was in front of my closed eyes. My breathing slowed, and my body started to fall asleep. Soon, without notice a female voice booms in my head, “So, you want to know how reality is created?”
A little surprised but somewhat expectant of this, I replied, “Sure, I would love to.” “Great, we will illustrate this in a three-dimensional form since you function with a three-dimensional consciousness.” A window appeared in my visual spectrum. It was a two dimensional image of a street and some trees with a house at the end of the street. The image was very simple and then the lady spoke again, “First, we’ll create an image of this very basic street and house. Then we must give it the depth in which a three-dimensional reality exist in.”
The image then dropped into a very crude, almost computer animated three-dimensional space. I projected into the window and was on the street looking around at the simple cartoon like images of the trees, the house and the road. “Then we must start to consider the cause and effects of things. Such as, how do the needles of the tree feel when against your skin? The effects of air blowing against you? All these factors must be layered upon each other to give the reality its dimensional qualities.”
The tree then became very real, and winds started to blow and rustle the pine needles. It was much like a fur tree and I touched the branch and it all felt very real. “Your reality is constructed in the same manner that this reality is generated. A series of ideas and images construed together with the laws of cause and effect layered down to the finest detail.”
It was all very impressive to say the least. Moments ago I was lying in my bed with a veiled of darkness over my eyes. Now, I am standing in a manufactured reality where some unknown female is teaching me how to construct reality with very convincing and clear examples of thought in action.
Standing in awe at the clarity of this experience, I wondered what it was significant of. The female to whom I could not see seemed familiar to me. After creating this reality, she then guided me up to an area where a lot of my thoughts and idea express themselves freely in a tactile three-dimensional way. The movement was swift and the new terrain again casting some familiar pattern. I flew around a personal playground of some of my greatest fantasies and imaginations brought to life. When finally exhausted I awoke.
This experience was a stepping stone to the next stage of my growth. The patterns of which my experiences were forming seemed to me, to be very intelligently laid out and planned. The next experience that followed which patterned this one left me beyond any explanation or reason.
Releasing from my physical body, I felt a gently push upwards. I floated slowly into a very dark void, which only traces of anything visual were blue wisps of energy stretching out like gas clouds as far as my vision could see. I was fully conscious and aware that I was out-of-my-body. “What would you like to experience?” a voice asked.
It was in perfect English, and the area seemed really familiar to me. Curious as to what he meant, I felt he deserved a reply. Pondering the possibilities, I replied favorably. “I would like to experience a group of people setting aside their religious, social and political beliefs to enjoy the company of each other.” “Very well.” Responded the voice.
A flat two-dimensional window appeared before me. It had a recognizable image of the beachfront at Okanagan Lake in Penticton BC. The being that I could not see guided me into the window, and I entered a lucid dream. I stood on the beach, the realization that I was fully awake and dreaming was clear. This was a dream, and I was dreaming I thought. I noticed I was here with some friends from school. There was a fire, and we had marshmallows and hot-dogs to roast.
A group of people soon joined us and hung out by the fire. Soon, a man and his wife appeared carrying a guitar and they joined. The man brought out his guitar and started to play songs. The majority of the people were all strangers to me except a few recognizable friends.
The dream progressed quite smoothly, I walked amongst some of the people talking to them and getting to know them. The first group was from a Mormon Church and was in town to do a play for some school children. They asked if I wanted to see their play, and I replied, “Yes, that would be great.”
They preformed their play of which I really enjoyed. It was cool that they just let loose and did that. The man was also playing some really good songs and we joined in singing to some of them. One song in particular was Pink Floyd, “Wish you were here.” which was/is one of my favorite songs. I enjoyed singing to this one as well. The dream passed and soon I returned to the entry level to that dream and the being was still intuitively present. “Thank-you for sharing with me that dream.” I replied. The dream consisted of many of the values that I hold close to my heart and I even remarked how I wish life was more like that to this being. Satisfied with the dream we created, I moved back towards my body an awoke.
I never gave the significance of that dream much thought. I just knew I met some very interesting intelligence that enjoyed sharing dreams at some level and we collaborated on a dream of which we shared. Other than that, it was just an ordinary OOBE that turned into a dream experience later on.
This was no ordinary dream. This was the dream that was going to rip me in half three months later when it came true in every detail that was manufactured in that initial state. It would be the dream that sent me backward inside screaming from the realization of everything that I knew but never believed.
When the dream came true, the only difference that I could trace was a new overlay of my thoughts on top of the initial thoughts I had while in the dream. The moment I realized that this physical even was also that initial dream event, I literally was standing physical in my body having a lucid dream that was a physical dream. It was my first Lucid Precognitive Dream that I had to date. The other factor was a new layer of fear that lingered in the back of my logical mind.
When I had the initial experience, I knew that it was somehow shared with something. The people that were present, the setting and the events all were also partially influenced by what I desired to experience. I could not ignore the creative slice to this dream that my hand yields. How could I create my own reality? Was it just my reality? Were these people, these events, these settings all figments of my imagination? Was I really ever alive in the first place? How was this possible?
The force of this dream sent me into a very dark black hole of fear, anxiety and worry that somehow everything I experienced was a result of this and it started to neutralize a sense of others for the moment. I felt isolated and alone, empty in a universe that played to my conscious delights. My reaction was not at all healthy. There was nothing I could say to anyone to convince him or her of this truth I experienced. Many times I would experience a feeling of total isolation as a singular universe devoid of others.
Hard to imagine, even harder to experience. I felt trapped, but the benefit of this was it clearly illustrated to myself in a manner that gave no other explanation the reasons why we have dreams that come true in the first place. That they were not in fact a future event rather, a constructed event that would later manifest as time/space moved to allow the experience to unfold.
The out-of-body experience provided me with more answers than I needed; it also presented newer, more profound questions to answer. To cover the many, many experiences I have had while going OOBE would constitute too many pages of experiences to write. The important thing though is where we sit as creative intelligence in this universe.

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