Ian Wilson's
Course on Consciousness

A Course on Consciousness

1. The state or condition of being conscious.
2. A sense of one's personal or collective identity, especially the complex of attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or a group.
3a. Special awareness or sensitivity.
3b. Alertness to or concern for a particular issue or situation.
4. In psychoanalysis, the conscious.

Consciousness is who we are. With the systematic beliefs we attain in our human experience, the fundamental to all of this is our consciousness and the perceptions we have while consciously aware. Within this course, we are going to discuss a series of conscious experiences and techniques in which to attain a level of waking consciousness that we attribute to our sense of whom we are as consciousness. And then apply this normal waking consciousness in states where most of our consciousness resides in unconscious states. This will be about thought, and I will simply be here to share and express ideas relating to thought. The benefits? It all comes down to refining your ability to communicate... nothing more. In the pretense of this statement it may seem odd that I would say communication but understand this will be heavily covered in this course. Communication is the key for sharing our thoughts and ideas with other consciousness. Currently the most dominant intelligence system we communicate with is other humans. Others we usually do not associate as having intelligence, are things such as, the family pet or even plants. And communication with these apparently lesser beings tend to be look upon as silly or nonsensical, however communication with them occurs none-the-less. We can start this course focusing on what matters most: our ability to perceive, analyze, understand and compute information in what ever form it comes in, while we are consciously aware of that information. It would be my honor to introduce you too, or re-introduce you to yourself as a consciousness system. And to further my view of you, you are a system of consciousness that is also a reality. You are definitely more than just a human. “Human” has to do with the physical representation of you. That part of you which governs this physical reality you exist in. I assure you if you haven’t realized it all ready, that human part of you is exactly that, a part of a much larger personality, a super-consciousness. In this approach to consciousness, I would like to start by focussing on some major aspects of our existence that needs attention, the Conscious Universe, and our ability to communicate within it. You will find that you are in a constant dialog with much hidden unknowns, which I will attempt to help you realize if you haven’t already.


Take a look around you. Look at the room you are in, the computer where you sit while you read this. Breath the air and feel all the particles fill your lungs. You are breathing; air rushes into your lungs to fill your body with a constant supply of life-giving gaseous nourishment. Become aware of emotions you feel now. If you have some food, take a bite and savor the sensations that your mouth tastes. It’s all very physical is it not? The touch of your fingers to the mouse or keyboard, the itch you might have on the exterior of your skin. Look around and feel and know how much information is in your current location. Think about how many billion rays of light it takes to travel to your eye just to make one key on your keyboard. Think about all the millions of cells it takes to tell your finger what that key feels like. Countless and countless numbers of data is being filtered in by your five physical senses. And all of it, being effortlessly processed, and pieced together instantly by your mind. Just think for that one millisecond of data you just perceived that it all came from nothing more than large gestalts of physical matter. And in this glob, you somehow managed to mentally draw forth a sense of what you deem physical matter reality. To mathematically calculate all those minute signals that your mind is being inputted with by your physical senses, then on top of that to calculate all your emotions, thoughts and feelings about that data. I speculate, and this goes in to a big estimate, it would take a computer approximately 12 days just to achieve in a millisecond what most take for granted in what their mind can perceive in one instant. That the computer must calculate the data, re-create in binary form all the tiny sensory pieces of information and identifies with every object, every sensation in a clear, balanced manner. And 12 days I feel is a nice estimate. A computer could never achieve what the human mind has naturally occurring with today’s current technology. My goal is to continue to impress upon you the power of your mind. Without question, your mind knows how to process all this data that your senses tell you and how it effortlessly generates a holographic replication based on your perception. Your mind then computes the data received and projects around you, a mirror image of the physical universe you exist in. Your very reality that you function in is totally dependent on your ability to perceive it, and re-create it within your own consciousness. A very simple input from your senses, and output from your mind. Keep this creative process as simple as that. We can’t even begin to imagine the fact that on top of interpreting this information, you have the ability to generate an emotional response to that data. The emotional response can be an array of sensations such as understanding, confusion, fear, happiness and this list goes on. Not to mention, while reading this, your mind can be thinking in several directions at once, analyzing, hypothesizing, agreeing with, and arguing about many aspects of this document. And still you stand perfectly balanced in this maze of information knowing that something is occurring outside your physical self. Let’s take a good look at this thing we call physical matter. Current scientific knowns and theory tells us that all the physical matter we exist in is nothing more than countless numbers of minute particles adhering together by some simple laws of attraction. Gravity, magnetism, energy all bonds together when a particle seeks union with another particle. If we take the molecules that form matter and break them in half, we release nuclear energy. Stored energy that has somehow changed in frequency, density to form the matter it exists in. That energy = mass times the speed of light squared. I’ll pick on Einstein for his theory of relativity in relation to the physical universe.
Matter equates that it has somehow become matter because energy has transformed in such a way that it has become dense and this density create a pattern by which that particle of matter acts. It’s probably a little more than just density since the particle is vibrating generating a resonate wave of frequency. We have two major elements working within the particle, it’s resonating a wave (much like a molecular sound), and it’s radiating energy that is released when the particle is in decay. I will treat the radiation as a form of light energy on the large bandwidth of energy that particles of light exist on.
If we release this particle from it’s field of density and return it to a singularity. The particle becomes pure energy. And if all particles return to a singularity, they balance out into the same energy. All a particle is, is energy functioning in a pattern of frequencies and densities where by those vibrational levels dictates how that particle should act according to physics and science. None-the-less, it is still just energy in a multitude of possible arrays that make up the building blocks of physical matter. It is my hypothesis is that all physical matter came from a standing field of energy where if they were to return to that vibrational state, they all meld into one solid frequency wave of pure energy.
For a more metaphorical view of this analogy of energy, take a drop of water returning to the ocean. The volume of water that the small droplet adds simply absorbs the likewise energy into a massive ocean of energy. If all a particle is, is energy that has somehow dropped from this standing wave, it’s descent into the heavier areas of density, gravity and mass simply implies that the energy that the particle has come from is what ultimately the particle will return to. So no matter what state of mass and density the energy has entered, it will inevitably decay giving off it’s stored energy until it has moved back to a universal singularity. This does not mean that the particle ceased to exist, it merely means it returned to its original state as singular energy. Energy simply moves from one state to another in an unending infinite system of balance and form. I like to call this movement, “Transformational Patterns of Energy”.
If we have energy transforming into one pattern to the next, we begin to see immediately an intelligence system. I say this because as soon as a pattern develops in the apparently chaotic mixture of universal forces, the pattern is universal therefor repetitious. Take hydrogen for example. Hydrogen is a particle of energy that when it reaches a certain mass, vibration and density…that energy becomes hydrogen. Hydrogen is abundant and found throughout the universe. It is a beautiful particle that can only exist when energy has entered the conditions where by Hydrogen exists. It is a pattern of energy that the energy becomes, and it will ultimately be the pattern that the energy will leave. Energy moves on from particle to particle, ion to ion, anti-matter to matter. Accelerate the time it takes to create the particle and watch it decay you will see that the essence of that particle is unending and eternal, forever moving seeking the next pattern by which it moves.
We are all part of this same energy. However when energy collects and enters into the laws of cause and effect. We see how it begins to take on some new amazing quality. In much larger, more complex patterns of energy, consciousness emerges. Taking the entire human body as nothing more than a complex pattern of energy, the result is a pattern of energy that is self-aware. This self-awareness is the moment where we begin.
It is us, it is you who reads this, and I who wrote it. We are nothing more than the sum of billions and billions of particles all governed by laws of attraction and repulsion cause and effect, working together to create us. Here is the gem; is energy at the molecular level some how aware that is exists? Does a particle like Hydrogen, which is a complex pattern of energy at a molecular level, know that it exists? At the heart of the molecule lies it’s nucleus. And in a cell, the nucleus represents some sort of biological computer. You can even call the nucleus of a cell a cellular brain. My question then is, does it have a sense of it’s self? Does a molecule abide by the same pattern that a more complex pattern of energy does and begins to have self-awareness at a molecular level? Does it communicate? Is there a molecular language? We know that cells communicate and share information. Our working brain is a perfect example of cells doing the thinking for us in-groups. Somewhere in these fields of energy lies consciousness. Is it the result of energy gathering mass, contributing to a group consciousness, which becomes the over-all consciousness for the sum of all those parts? Does every stage of matter create a new state of consciousness for that energy? Does a cat have a cat consciousness? Humans have a human consciousness? Consciousness being one’s awareness of one’s self.
If you say no, then think about this argument. You very sense of yourself is nothing more than the sum total of all your millions of parts. You are nothing more than billions of cells that creates a group consciousness. That group consciousness creates you. You are wholly dependent on these particles of energy to work in a pattern that creates the human form, which gives you a human consciousness. And there must be a mathematical equation to calculate how much of a consciousness you are based on your molecular mass if all we are is the sum of all these microscopic parts.
Consciousness works on two parts, individualistic and group. An individual cell should therefor have an individual consciousness. And should this cell split to form a complex organism, then the two cell organism should have a two cell group consciousness. Two individual cells grouping together, sharing their totality to create a two celled organism. The more cells added to the organism, the more the organism will attain a larger group consciousness. And because all of this is just energy, functioning, as a collective pattern we call a cell, then the energy itself must have individual characteristics that give the formation of consciousness to the organism that it becomes.
No matter how we start to equate anything when we view consciousness, we have to start to see that consciousness is the result of energy functioning at very specific patterns of mass. That energy somehow has consciousness, which is visible, when it forms a human mind. The problem with that Human mind is it tends to be self-engrossed in it’s own ability to think, perceive and view the exterior universe it exists in, that on the most part, all other possibilities of anything else but human having consciousness seems nonsensical. But all living organisms have a consciousness. It may not be a human consciousness, but the energy pattern that is a cat, is still a cat. Human consciousness gives birth to human thought and human ideas. But the human form is still a comparatively small amount of energy compared to that of the entire universe.
Let’s hypothesis this then; if energy has consciousness irrelevant of whatever pattern it is in, then the energy has some sense of itself as energy. And if energy enters a state whereby it becomes a complex particle, then that particle has a consciousness of itself being that particle. And if consciousness is grouped by mass, then the more mass you have, the more of a group consciousness is formed by the larger amounts of energy forming that larger mass. To cut the equation short, energy is self-aware.
Molecular consciousness, cellular consciousness, plant, animal, human consciousness, social consciousness, global consciousness, the list goes on until we reach a universal consciousness. The universal consciousness being the sum of all it’s parts. Consciousness is the result of complex patterns of energy, or energy as consciousness. Now that I bored you with physical matter reality and how all matter in whatever form is energy and energy somehow creates or has consciousness. We can now start to look at a major fundamental characteristic that we all share. We exist as a consciousness. That comes from our body being human, and that human form is nothing more than an organized intelligence system created on part somehow by energy functioning in a multitude of ways. Let’s get back to our ability to perceive reality.
Imagine your senses interacting with an object. Your eyes receive information from a group of particles in the form of radiating light energy that is bouncing back from the particle’s collective mass. Your ears receive sound in the form of sound energy assuming a sound is made from the object. Your sense of smell and taste responding to a chemical reaction with the particles given off from the object. And your sense of touch translating the contact with the object revealing its texture. When all is said and done, the five physical senses have all but interpreted a glob of dense energy in five specific areas. All five senses act as nothing more than energy filters. Your senses filter in what essential energy the object gives off so that you have some sense of this object as a human consciousness. Was that just a form of molecular communication? Did that object literally speak to you in taste, touch, color, scent and sound that it was indeed the object you perceive? Is the sum of all those parts required to make the apple you might eat in a day, radiating to you as energy it’s existence as an apple? Did you just take in a part of that apple's consciousness at a molecular level when you ate it? And now it became a part of you to share in your collective consciousness? There is a relationship here. A relationship between two organizations of patterned energy. One human, the other apple. Both are having an effect on each other’s reality. You get to eat something tasty, and the apple gets to become a part of your mass. To a human observer, did you express to them in a non-verbal way that you ate an apple? If they saw you, they would not even question this unnoticed language of form, but they would understand fully what you ate. Being human and assuming you both speak the same language you could tell them, “Hey I just ate this apple!” By observation, without even needing a verbal communication they would know. The universal language of energy and form already told that to the observer. Taking a few steps back, and understanding how we communicate. The physical senses literally “talk” to the environment in which it interacts. The language? Three-dimensional time-space realities screaming its current state of form, vibration, frequency and patterns. One small pattern added to another pattern to form a more complex pattern that forms the reality you exist in. All these patterns which work through a series of change thus creating the sense of time. Could the universe literally be talking back to you in ways that go unnoticed because it’s so right in front of us we never realized the simple language of existence that carries us forward in time.
Energy at some level or pattern must have consciousness. We are definitely a part of that consciousness. We as an observer of this collective pattern of energy we call our reality must understand that no matter what we think or believe, we still are a subjective observer interacting in some field of patterned energy. That this earth and the universe that birthed it is nothing more than an energy system.
The mental universe as I see it, is not the physical universe we are accustomed to existing in. Rather, it is what your mind is doing naturally right now. Collecting data, processing it and the output is your personal reality based on your ability to perceive. What you get is only what you can perceive. So all the other frequencies of light that your eyes can’t see do not exist for you, but let me tell you this much. There is so much more that you don’t physically see because you have no physical senses to perceive it. Physical perception functions on a bandwidth of frequency. There is a limited range of sensory perception that we have as a human consciousness in order to gather just enough information from this massive data house we call the universe. Information then is limited to ours minds being subjective and locked in a body that can only tell our mind what it perceives. It is no wonder why we haven’t been able to get to far past our limited perception to see past our physical senses. We are at the mercy of our conscious perception. To further complicate this, the universe you call your reality is nothing more than your own mentally generated creation based on sensory data, and processed by this super-computer we call the human brain. And most of us take all this for granted that we have ability like this at all.
If you think for one second that you have nothing to do with the reality you exist in, think again. If you somehow could not properly communicate with the externalized universe, you’d probably end up dead, or in some mental institution. A breakdown of cognitive faculties governing perception could cause distorted information, a loss of your ability to interpretation and communicate with fellow human’s the disarray of your mismanaged mind should you ever have a mental breakdown. Want more proof that it is your mind that creates your reality? Take a massive amount of psychedelic drugs such as mescaline, LSD or magic mushrooms to the point that you have tactile hallucinations. Or talk to a person who has a mental disorder causing hallucination. Of course I don’t recommend taking drugs to prove this point, but it is truly said that what your mind creates is reality for you.
If you ever hear the murmuring of some of the new-age thinking that might crop up once and a while in casual conversation, the common belief is, “We create our own reality.” Well, stepping away from a system of faith into a system of science we have no choice but to create our reality. The mental picture you have of reality, in the splendid three-dimensional way you perceive it comes through a filtration system called you physical senses and the outcome of that information is your conscious ability to project and externalize your mental interpretation of reality. Therefor the reality you exist in is exclusive to you. And as individual as your handwriting, we all can read what you write, (well, hopefully at least), but your handwriting hints at your individuality. You are your own reality. That is a fundamental law of one’s own existence. Reality cannot exist for you if you yourself do not exist. Every aspect of your life is a reflection of your individuality and how you as a reality system interact with other systems of reality. We in fact have a personalized reality, which is the sum of our perceptions taken over a period of time and within our personal development carrying us forward towards a much larger whole.
If we did not have personal reality, we would not be a person and who knows what we would be. But were human and the human experience is a subjective one where by you gather information and create from it. Thinking about this, understanding that you are naturally generating a reality based on sensory perception…let’s take a look into another reality that has not ties to this physical one.


Take some time to visualize an apple. Close your eyes and imagine this apple as clearly as you can, have it move and bounce in your imagination. Bite the apple in your mind and taste the apple. Imagine eating it and feeling the soft fruit in your mouth, as it’s sweet flavor pours over your tongue. Then let go, and go wild with your imagination, live a fantasy perhaps magical and free. Maybe there is something you daydream about on a daily basis, a good stress relieving fantasy…explore it, feel it. Know on top of just processing data from a physical universe, you are constantly creating with your imagination. More so, when you dream at night.
If you are fairly good at visualization, even better, at tactile visualization then a good descriptive paragraph should trigger some very positive signals from your mind. And if you relax and embrace your imagination you will find that you can partially or wholly replicate what you experience in normal everyday physical reality. The human mind comes accompanied with this imagination. This creative part of us that directs our minds in areas that this world fails to offer us.
Dreams are generally composed of thoughts and emotions being expressed. There is little that I have read on dreams that give them the kind of credit they deserve but dreams are a good way for us to break down the fact that a mental process has an ability to produce a environment in which it expresses itself. More importantly, your environment where you express you. And this again is an effortless expression for human consciousness.
Dreams do not compose any physical matter, but if you have tactile dreams then you can relate to this. A fully sensory tactile dream shares the same common characteristics of our normal physical reality. That is, objects have shape, form and color. They can even have taste, smell and texture. The environment can have heat, cold, wind, etc. You can interact with the environment. If lucid, change the environment. Yet no physical matter is involved in that environment. No laws, which govern us here, need apply. It is a construction of your sub-conscious self and your conscious self. Primarily, it is a form of thinking that we seem to over look in today’s society. Perhaps to random or chaotic for most to give credit to. But dreams none-the-less can be as real and as concrete as physical reality. That all depends on the dreamer who has the dream.
We are going to cover a lot about dreaming in this course. Dreams will not be ignored and they will be given a new level of credit that the dream deserves and not the mindlessness that most seem to treat them as having. Dreams are multi-facetted. You can have an array of different types of dreams; the most common being a fantasy based dream, or an anxiety dream.
We need to look at two types of dreams, the subjective dream that you think is subjective and exclusive to you. And the objective dream which very few on this planet know about and where I am about to loose most of you who have never shared in this type of dream before. But please, forgive the possible shock to your beliefs about dreams when I discuss shared dreaming. Most advanced dreamers I know about this. Most of the beginners are happy just to even have a dream let alone share one.
The apparent subjective dream usually entails your mind working out your fantasies, fears, anxieties and stress. Maybe you dream part of what you did that day in some illogical chaotic manner. Perhaps there was a girl or a guy you wanted to be with and your dream contained some fantasy where that wish was granted. On the most part, you wake up and hopefully remember. If you do not, read the up coming section where we discuss dream recall, and dreaming techniques.
The objective dream which I am introducing early because I want to start to open your minds with the possibilities should you not have had this type of dream before is what we can only label, “Shared Dreams”. Shared dreams are pretty much exclusive to people who tend to dream a lot with some level of lucidity and some good level of recall. From personal experience with shared dreaming, since I have shared dreams with people over the last 10 years gives me about this to say on it… By experience, if one person (usually it was me) was fully conscious (Lucid) in the dream. [Lucid dreaming is where your normal waking consciousness, the part that you are right now, is fully awake and aware except you are in a dream, not your normal waking physical reality. You can be analytical, creative, change and control the dream or just observe. You wake with full memory and clarity knowing you were fully conscious in a dream environment] And the other participant was semi-lucid and somehow managed to retain some memory of the dream environment. For both individuals, the normal standards for observation apply. Both had a point in the dream setting where they observed the dream, and both had ability to clearly filter in the dream’s environment so that upon waking each individual involved would remember key elements of that dream environment as if it was a physical one where both parties had just gone.
No matter what the case, consciousness was the key to shared dreaming. So to share a dream effectively, a lucid state is the most optimum potential we have when desiring to explore this naturally occurring ability. The only thing is; until now, most of you have never shared a dream, let alone knew it was possible. I don’t want you to automatically believe that people share dreams until you yourself gather enough personal evidence to prove it to yourself. For now, keep an open mind for the possibilities of what others are experiencing. If you are a person who has shared dreams then you stand like a lot of us who have knowing fully the reality of this experience and can look forward to more positive growth towards a better understanding of these states. My hopes is you gain enough courage, knowledge and understanding about dreams in this course that you can comfortably move into these layers of dreams where we can meet. I’d sure like to meet some of you in these states. I will cover the majority of this in up coming chapters.
The point of this is to also show you that your mind has a natural ability to create reality in areas of imagination and dream. It is absolutely imperative that you accept that your mind has an ability to create reality. We won’t get far if you discredit yourself as not having this normal, natural ability. To think that you do not dream, or lack imagination is false. Unless you are a total vegetable or stump, you have some imagination. Imagination is pure power. And this course will change your attitudes towards what imagination truly is. In conclusion of this chapter, we covered a few dynamic laws of physics as quickly and simply as we could to meld them into a station where we identify physical reality as more of an energy system thus giving a little more room to flexibility for the up coming chapters. If you can comfortably sit in the chair, as you read this I want to urge you to start seeing yourself as consciousness rather than a human body. This is important again since the body is just that, a body. Consciousness is who you are, and it is not entirely limited, as it would seem. For a fun affirmation, just say in your mind, “I am more than a physical body, I am consciousness, I am reality, I am.” Understanding that you are reality is important. We tend to externalize our opinion of reality thus objectifying it beyond the levels we can sustain it at. What I mean by that is, as a social animal, we tend to be dogmatic in our ideals with static beliefs. Despite how much you exist in a world, it’s still your own interpretation. You only get what you see and sometimes even that is not all that it appears to be. This desire to believe in a reality outside ourselves where by we have no influence, say, or part of is self-defeating of some very natural gifts we do have. And I will cover this in the course so for now until I elaborate, you are an energy system, an organized intelligence and a developing consciousness that inhabits a physical body. The truth is; reality is you, it is I, and it is we. Reality is a shared collective experience that goes far beyond just a human earth energy system. We share a collective consciousness that we call reality. Let’s put some more emphasis on the “sharing” part for some of you who forget what that means. ;)

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