Ian Wilson's
Course on Consciousness


The material in this course is for your own personal investigation. I hereby make no claims outside my normal ability and desire that all information we exchange is on the most highest of sincerity, integrity and viewed only as shared thoughts and ideas about ourselves as systems of consciousness. This material is copyrighted with the permission to re-produce as long as the material is not altered and no financial exploitation of this material is sought. This course is completely free, and all the time and effort placed in part by myself is for us as a collective and I desire nothing financial from any source. I work long hard hours and this is my way to give freely to others who are seeking a deeper meaning in their lives than just living a life. This material is not to form any religious order of belief, nor form a religious organization and I take very little credit for what is universally ours except that I desire to share it with you in hopes we all can grow into better patterns of experience from knowledge, understanding, honesty and truth. If you do gain any growth from this course, and wish to share please feel free to contact me at the above preferably through e-mail since sharing in experience for me is all part of the benefits of raising our consciousness to newer levels of universal realization.